"You only live once,
but if you work it right,
once is enough"

-Greg Plitt

Longest Ride in 1 year = TOMORROW

As the title reads, I am going to embark on my FIRST four hour ride of the year (thanks, 2017. it's been shitty) with the hopes of actually finishing with minimal to no pain in my gentlemanly bits. Fingers crossed folks. I will be sure to document and give you all the recap. Will attempt to go from my home in Moraga, out to Calaveras road and back within or right around 4 hours (won't be longer). In actuality, I am really excited because I haven't had the ability to do a 4 hour ride in a very long time so I am nervous and excited. It's been a long, LONG road to recovery dealing with Pudendal Neuralgia. The simple fact is: I'm not out of the woods yet and I am still having to tweak my life (a

Obligatory Xmas Post

Just like doing your taxes, I feel it's almost obligatory to have an Xmas post but rather than go through the whole shpeel of be-grateful-for-what-you-have (and you SHOULD BE) I figured this would be a little different of a tone. The last couple of weeks - due to some unfortunate family circumstances - I have done some sole searching - more so now than in the last 33 years of my life and one of the lessons I have learned is simply: "Experience More, Consume Less." I won't get into just yet what I mean by that I just wanted to have this nugget be exposed to you all so that you can begin thinking about getting out there and 'doing something' as opposed to buying something. Let's face it: we a

Ok - this is ridiculous

I know being hydrated is important and all - but as Gwen Stefani likes to say: So I am consuming my Maurten's hydrogel sportsdrink roughly 45 minutes 'pre-flight' and for the last 3 rides (weekdays is a 2 hour ride most days) I have had to stop and whizz no less than FIVE times before finally not having to go again! Five? Yup. And here's another gif to cement it: That being said, I am going to stop this pre-ride stuff and am going to switch to during training. I am going to email the kind folks at Maurten's tomorrow and will of course share what they have to say about ways to mitigate this should you wish to consume this drink before riding. On the plus side, I did however have MUCH more pu

Part 1 of MANY Saddle Posts

Saddles. Sigh…. Is there a more personalized-topic in the world of cycling besides asking someone their inseam length?! Before we get into let me just say that saddle selection is HUGELY individual. What works for some may now work for you and yaddi-yaddi-yadda. You get it. This entire entry - and this website for that matter - is catered to my experience as it relates to an avid cyclist suffering from pudendal neuralgia. What is my go-to saddle? Tricky question as right now, I don’t have one. I am STILL experimenting with different saddles seeing which one works best for me. I am somewhat embarrassed by all the saddles I have tried thus far but here’s the laundry list as it stands right now

New Product Demo Day(s)

Alrighty, this post is going to introduce you all to two new products I am demo-ing that I am quite excited about. The first being nutrition in the form of HYDROGEL TECHNOLOGY from a pretty bad-ass company called Maurten. They have helped fuel some pretty so-so athletes ranging from world-class marathon runners and cyclists alike. They have two products: Drink Mix 160 and Drink Mix 320 that essentially contain a f*ckton of carbohydrates to be consumed before / during / and-or after exercise - which in my case means swimming and cycling. Note a lot to look at as you can see. You pour ALL of that hydrogel substance into the bottle, and just fill it up with water. Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma'am. I

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