"You only live once,
but if you work it right,
once is enough"

-Greg Plitt

Sleeping Low - Errr...

Guessing you know what this post is about just from this awesome gif of Action Bronson heheh. In short when it comes to sports nutrition, there seems to be as much bullshit in this field as there is in the field of wine. Lots of experts and really smart people claim to know a lot about what is best for the athlete, when to take what, when to eat, when to shit, when to sleep, etc. The simple fact of the matter is a) there is no accounting for taste and b) who the hell wants to live like a monk for __ months on end? Assuming you're not a monk reading this then chances are you too have heard a lot about diet and the role it plays for cyclists in particular. It's truly astonishing how much we p

Random Musings - Products

So now that I'm back on the bike my weekly schedule is somewhere between 15-18 hours per week in the saddle. That may sound low to some of you die-hards out there but consider the fact that I was barely able to do 4 hours per week only a few months ago. In short, I find this remarkable and I have to give thanks to a few things that have helped me along the way. 1. Nutrition items - Maurten Sports Drink. Well this was interesting. I tried riding the same pace and the same route for the last 4 weeks alternating when I was drinking Maurten and when I was drinking my usual skratch labs. It's clear that when drinking Maurten it 'hits' my system quicker and I feel better hydrated and more energy.

Happy New Year!

Well, we did it. 4 hours in the saddle, very very slight pain. Sometimes, I felt it threatening like it would just come back - and by 'it' I mean a discomfort in the testicular region - but thankfully things were kept at bay. All in all, it was a +16 hour cycling week with 4 hours in the pool. These need to become the standard work week for me when it comes to exercise so it's good that I at least got 1 week back. For those who know what I have been through, the thousands of dollars in medical bills, super discouraging phone calls with doctors / urologists / etc, this is a HUGE first step towards my recovery. I think it goes well with it being the first day of 2018 that my resolutions are tw

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