"You only live once,
but if you work it right,
once is enough"

-Greg Plitt

Frequently Asked [?]

Hey folks - Holy s*it itʼs been a while. Entirely my fault and inexcusable. I promise to be far more regular in these blog posts going forward - scouts honor :-) I have received a slew of emails from you guys and Iʼm so glad that my website, resources, and content are both informational and motivational. Thatʼs the point of it all is to educate you - remember, YOU are the best advocate for YOU. NO ONE IS GOING TO HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS LIKE YOU. The last point is to motivate you guys in your own battle with PN - or maybe not even pudendal neuralgia… maybe youʼre battling back form injury and youʼre in those ‘dark hoursʼ. Trust me. I been there. I respect it, I get it. I want to take this blog

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