"You only live once,
but if you work it right,
once is enough"

-Greg Plitt

Climbing like Kamna (or so I hope one day!)

Today, watching the Tour de France, I felt extremely inspired by the effort of BOTH Ricard Carapaz and Lennard Kamna who ultimately won the days stage (this was after his heart-breaking attempt on Stage 13). Kamna - going beast mode. Dude is definitely my hero 🦸‍♂️ . picture c/o Velo-Club.net Their strength while climbing (this is AFTER 2 weeks of brutal racing already!) is amazing and while I doubt to ever get close to producing their watts/kg - or anything remotely near it - it doesn’t mean I can’t try. Which brings me to the point of this blog which is: “How can you transform yourself to be the best climber possible for your level?” As I understand it, climbing goes down to a few key thi

California Wildfires, Covid-19, Cycling (outdoors), and my thoughts / hopes for this site :-)

Hey folks 👋- It’s been quite a while and a whole helluva lot has happened in the world and - frankly - is still going on in the world today. Here in the US we are the epicenter of Covid-19, our economy is in the dumps, we have never been more divided as a nation and to boot, all of the Western US is on fire. Here in California things are especially dark - no pun intended. The air quality is so poor that going outside isn’t a remote possibility; it’s bad enough with Covid and now we are doubly screwed with all the fires and smoke inhalation. And while I can go on and on in endless negativity (trust me, I have spent some hours doing this) I realized it serves no purpose and - if nothing else

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