What I Am About

Prior to the world being turned upside down in 2020, my original mission statement was about drawing awareness to Pudendal Neuralgia (aka cyclist syndrome) and its effects.  To be 100% transparent, I am STILL battling with this ‘dis-ease’ and to this day, I experience some pain from time to time but no where near what I was going through in 2017-2018.  And while I am going to change my mission statement henceforth, I still want to draw awareness to this condition - too many cyclists are hanging their wheels up as a result of idiopathic diagnoses and the simple fact is, YOU don’t have to do this.  


Having said that, I have a new mission statement as of 9/1/2020 and with a lot of thought, here goes my ‘elevator pitch’:


  • I want to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves by being the best version of myself; realizing that from time to time, we make mistakes and we go off the beaten path, that’s ok. Course correct and off we go again. If this blog and my posts do nothing more than get you to _____________ (insert some activity here, doesn’t have to be sports related!) then this blog has done its job.

  • You don’t have to be a pro to be pro.  So often we marvel at - in my case - pro cyclist watts / kg, twig-like arms, and daredevil descending skills in awe and while those things are good to look at are they within reach for working parents with young children? For single moms with 2 day jobs? Perhaps people not in their 20s (me!) anymore? Let’s answer that. Let’s see just how far we can push one another.  In the context of cycling, can you be pro without being pro? Can you achieve a level of ‘pro-status’ and what does that look like? 


  • Fitness is what YOU make it. So often we see others and - through years of conditioning - we compare ourselves to them. In reality, we are comparing our ego to theirs, looking for ways in which we are ‘superior’ or ‘inferior’ (the ego likes being ‘separate’).  Let’s flip that around. Instead, let’s acknowledge that ‘fitness’ means different things to different people and we should equally celebrate those definitions.  Meaning, someone completing their first century ride should be cheered as much as the Tour De France rider winning the yellow jersey. Both are accomplishments that are deserving of their praise and one is not ‘more awesome’ than the other. 


Someone once said: “If it’s not FUN it’s not FUNDAMENTAL”.  So true. And when we think about why something is fun it’s because we are present in the moment, and not ‘thinking’ We aren’t concerned about the past, worried about the present - we are lost in the NOW which frees our mind from ego. For me, cycling is the medium with which I free my mind. Yours can be different and that’s ok too :-)


I am so honored and humbled that you are here on this site and my hope is that whatever activity you do, do your very best at it and figure out what lies at the other end of the rainbow. What happens when you pedal to the metal? Let’s explore that.

- Alex (aka The Data Driven Cyclist)

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