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Below are a series of articles and videos that you may find helpful.  Some of it is in the context of training aids but most of it will be medical in nature. As a FAIR DISCLAIMER: I do not and will not endorse anything or anyone. I believe YOU are your best advocate and that comes to medical issues as well as training and saddle selection, as an example. What works for me may / may not work for you. However, I promise to be open and give you all my $0.02 so that you can make an informed decision based on your situation

This is not a Yelp review board whereby I give product reviews. If anything that's found on the blog; this is a place whereby I talk about what works for me in the context of training and dealing with Pudendal Neuralgia on a daily basis. 

I do this pelvic floor release every day. Try picking a time when you feel very relaxed which for me is post food-coma and post shower :-)

This is a video I do BEFORE training (be it cycling, running, or swimming) and I find that it helps me open my hips up and also loosen up my pelvic area which is constricted when cycling - as an example. Try this out BEFORE YOU RIDE:

Not to be confused with any type of therapeutic massage; quite the opposite in fact. I do daily ART on my tail-bone area to help release some really tight areas which training generally results in. Unfortunately, ART is a lot like going to the Dentist; put it off and it sucks more. Daily ART however is truly part of my regimen and again, is something that I do in a very relaxed state. I do NOT recommend doing this BEFORE exercising as I find my body is too sore afterwards. 

For this, you can use a tennis ball or a lacrosse ball but I buy the firm ball and my roller (get to that in a moment) from these guys

These are some necessary tools you will NEED if you want to explore this; again, I like this brand but if you have another one (an Amazon search will give you like a jillion foam-rollers) then go with that. The point isn't the producer as much as it is getting the right tools for the job.

To reiterate, I am not paid in any way by these specialists to advertise for them. These are folks I see on a weekly basis that give me therapy to help keep me healthy and coloring between the lines. If you are in the Bay Area, I personally recommend these folks:

Urologist - Dr. Jerome Weiss, San Francisco, CA


Phone: 415-441-5800

Chiro - Dr. Jessica Greaux, Berkeley, CA


Phone: 510-601-6330

Chiro - Dr. Kevin Wong, Orinda, CA


Phone: 925-254-4040

General Wellness - Dr. Rachel Cabreira, Walnut Creek


Phone: 925-291-7295

Sport of any kind - BUT especially endurance sports - is incredibly taxing on the body (and your marriage!). In order to keep things functioning properly, you NEED - repeat: NEED - to take care of your body in the form of stretching, physical therapy, and recovery. Too often, many athletes new to sports prioritize the training part of it while failing to neglect the rest and recovery portion which I think is just as - if not more - important than training. To that end, I have been seeing Dr. Jessica Greaux who is both a chiropractor and a physical therapist specializing in in working with cyclists. 

In no way am I sponsored by her but I am offering my unbiased opinion of her service as first a listener, then a practitioner and a healer. She understands the body as that is her primary role (chiro) so she gets how the body operates and how you should feel on the bike. She was actually one of the first people who suggested that I might be dealing with Pudendal Neurlagia in the first place and gave me the courage to consult with other urologists.

If you live in the Bay Area and ride bikes (and suffer from PN or PNE), please consult with her. She is a godsend and I am currently a happily paying customer for the work she does on my body. It takes a whole village to keep me going and she - along with Pedro (see below) - are integral parts of my team that have given me so much help and went above and beyond anything I have asked of them.

Yes, he really does a) dress that nicely and b) wears a lot of hair product! :-)

For those readers living in the SF area, Pedro is, hand-down THE MAN. You walk into his studio in the trendy part of SF and you quickly realize he, like Dr. Jess, takes this VERY SERIOUSLY and is familiar with the human body in the context of sport and how that translates on the bike. When I first walked in, I was overwhelmed by the tons of anatomy and kinesiology books he has on display that he references. This guy - while not a chiro - is a listener, observer, TALKER, and then will fit you to your bike. He has fit me to almost all of my bikes and does so by not taking a RETUL fit and giving you numbers and angles but actually by just watching and hearing you ride and your pedal stroke. He has been doing this SO DAMN long that you could probably blind-fold the dude and tie one arm behind his back and he'd still give you an incredible bike fit just by his intuition. 

One thing that really stuck out for me is the time and commitment he makes to you. After the first fit, he would see me MANY MANY MORE TIMES, all around my schedule pro-bono. He did that because he cared about me, his desire to help work with me, and his work which again - dude takes very seriously. Go to most fitters and they will charge you for subsequent follow-up fits but no Pedro. He is all about his work, his expertise, and ensuring that you get the maximum value for his experience (dude has been fitting people to bikes since 2005).

You know that saying: "never trust a skinny cook?". I'm going to add to that with: "never trust a grungy looking bike fitter".

But don't take my word for it, see the HUNDREDS of reviews of people he has helped out just like me.

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