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Hello World!

In the wacky world of Technology, a typical first program when learning a new computer software language is called HelloWorld.program.

In code talk, it pretty much means you:

a) have working fingers (10 not always needed)

b) know how to install software

c) using knowledge from b) have run your first program which produces a 1-line outcome affectionately known as: "Hello World"

For those of you familiar with GoLang - which is what this author likes to code in - this program looks like:


package main

import "fmt"

func main {

fmt.Println("Hello World")



For those who have not had the sheer un-inspiring pleasure of running a HelloWorld.program program, fear not, you're not missing much :-)

In the context of this particular blog however, our first Hello World post will be talking about what this blog is, what it isn't and setting some expectations amongst my fellow internet-blog-readers.

In short, this is going to be one of the few and rare word posts I write. Instead, I will focus on video blogs - or as the kids like to call them: "vlogs". My goal is the post a new vlog each Saturday assuming I can get the timing right with my daughter's nap.

That being said, you can expect the first vlog to happen this coming Saturday, 11/25, as I begin to shed my post-Turkey Day dad-bod.

Until then, pass the cranberry sauce.

- zelleta

(this photo was my freshman year of Brown, whereby I was indulging in cranberry sauce on the daily!)

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