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Part 1 of MANY Saddle Posts

Saddles. Sigh….

Is there a more personalized-topic in the world of cycling besides asking someone their inseam length?!

Before we get into let me just say that saddle selection is HUGELY individual. What works for some may now work for you and yaddi-yaddi-yadda. You get it. This entire entry - and this website for that matter - is catered to my experience as it relates to an avid cyclist suffering from pudendal neuralgia.

What is my go-to saddle?

Tricky question as right now, I don’t have one. I am STILL experimenting with different saddles seeing which one works best for me. I am somewhat embarrassed by all the saddles I have tried thus far but here’s the laundry list as it stands right now of companies whose saddles I have tried (nb: have tried a lot of saddles :





Selle Italia




All of the above are perfectly fine saddles and if you use one of these: dope. Happy you’re happy. However, a quick look on the inter webs for saddles to help people avoid numbness and/or deal with the pudendal nerve will showcase a few brands which I want to call attention to here (these are the ones I am currently testing)

3West Design

A really cool design to ‘natural sitting’. This basically means that the pelvis can rotate forward and those sensitive bits / areas are supported by an air bladder. Your sit bones naturally sit on the padded area whereas the rest of your southern parts ‘rest’ on the bladder. I have this saddle now and will test it after I am done with my current saddle which is...

Infinity Saddle

Admit it, this looks pretty legit right?! You’re probably asking: “where is your saddle?” It’s there and trust me, there is plenty of support. I opted for the minimalist design so there is no padding but I figured that’s why I have bib shorts with an insert which is to make up for the aforementioned padding. And best believe: RAPHA and ASSOS both have extremely good pads ;-)

I have ridden 3 weeks with this saddle and I am still playing around and dialing the fit but it is an EXTREMELY comfortable saddle despite its minimalist look. I can ride for 3 hours - which is currently my max time I can do - and I have zero discomfort down there. There is no pain and hardly any soreness when it comes to sitting down; probably cuz those cutouts where there WAS a saddle have been reduced to a minimum. Honestly, this is a really comfortable saddle while still giving you the support you need to put down the #WattageBazooka. Your sit bones are ‘free’ but you still feel planted to the bike. You’ll notice that the saddle is contoured as well so you sit in the grooved area with your sensitive bits being able to rotate forward but without a firm saddle pushing right back at your gentlemanly-bits. I will do a video of this shortly so you all can see how I sit and just what it is I am referring to later.

Rido R-LT

An English brand that also subscribes to a ‘step-ladder’ approach to saddles in that your sit-bones sit high, and the nose of the saddle is lower allowing for rotational bend of the pelvis so that things ‘hang’ more naturally. All 3 saddles are very different in design and yet subscribe to this simple yet essential design strength which is the body is not symmetrical and that when we sit forward, different parts of our body come into contact with the saddle with different pressure points - if you’ve ever had a bike fit with a saddle pressure sensor you’ll know what I mean!

Have another one for me to try?

Happy to do so and purchase one on my own. Hit up the contact page and drop me a note there and I will look into your suggestion. To reiterate, I am trying out the Infinity Saddle now and can report already it’s a VERY COMFORTABLE seat to throw down some serious watts despite it’s minimalistic impression.

More from me later.

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