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Obligatory Xmas Post

Just like doing your taxes, I feel it's almost obligatory to have an Xmas post but rather than go through the whole shpeel of be-grateful-for-what-you-have (and you SHOULD BE) I figured this would be a little different of a tone.

The last couple of weeks - due to some unfortunate family circumstances - I have done some sole searching - more so now than in the last 33 years of my life and one of the lessons I have learned is simply:

"Experience More, Consume Less."

I won't get into just yet what I mean by that I just wanted to have this nugget be exposed to you all so that you can begin thinking about getting out there and 'doing something' as opposed to buying something. Let's face it: we are consumer whores - myself included - and if anything, we could probably do with a little less online shopping and a little more in-person shopping. :-) kidding. You know what I mean!

My daughter's second Xmas. Man, she got a fu*kton of loot from Santa!

Nice views of the Yay-Area. This was taken from Tilden Park (shot with an iPhone X, ya-heard-me~!) which is part of the Haute Route SF.

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