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Longest Ride in 1 year = TOMORROW

As the title reads, I am going to embark on my FIRST four hour ride of the year (thanks, 2017. it's been shitty) with the hopes of actually finishing with minimal to no pain in my gentlemanly bits. Fingers crossed folks.

I will be sure to document and give you all the recap. Will attempt to go from my home in Moraga, out to Calaveras road and back within or right around 4 hours (won't be longer). In actuality, I am really excited because I haven't had the ability to do a 4 hour ride in a very long time so I am nervous and excited.

It's been a long, LONG road to recovery dealing with Pudendal Neuralgia. The simple fact is: I'm not out of the woods yet and I am still having to tweak my life (and lifestyle) to accommodate for this screwed up condition. But tomorrow, hopefully, we can put a serious stake in the ground on the road to recovery. I literally almost cried when I read the days training: 4 hours, Z2-Z3 HR. I used to bang these out almost on the daily but that was a long while ago - hopefully, with some luck, I will get back to that point of fitness but until then, here's to the road ahead.


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