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So now that I'm back on the bike my weekly schedule is somewhere between 15-18 hours per week in the saddle. That may sound low to some of you die-hards out there but consider the fact that I was barely able to do 4 hours per week only a few months ago. In short, I find this remarkable and I have to give thanks to a few things that have helped me along the way.

1. Nutrition items - Maurten Sports Drink. Well this was interesting. I tried riding the same pace and the same route for the last 4 weeks alternating when I was drinking Maurten and when I was drinking my usual skratch labs. It's clear that when drinking Maurten it 'hits' my system quicker and I feel better hydrated and more energy. This shows form an empirical point of view as well in that for the same effort (bpm) and time frame I am going a longer distance even on the same route. Thanks brilliant Sweedes!!

2. Assos Bibs. This winter I switched to the 'ssos. And when I mean 'switched' - I went ALL IN. I bought ~ 10 pairs of bibs of multiple models. My go-to shorts are definitely the T-Equipe but I really enjoy the T-Cento and T-Camppionissimo for those very special days in the saddle.

3. Infinity Saddle - Probably the most significant and pleasurable change has been this saddle. There are no pressure points on the sit bones, it's incredibly comfortable and best of all, after a 2,3, or 4 hour ride, your butt doesn't hurt and you can - at least from a mechanical point of view - function like a normal human being :-)

Ok I know I need / promised to do vlogs and I will get that going from the beautiful islands of Hawaii next week.



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