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Sleeping Low - Errr...

Guessing you know what this post is about just from this awesome gif of Action Bronson heheh. In short when it comes to sports nutrition, there seems to be as much bullshit in this field as there is in the field of wine. Lots of experts and really smart people claim to know a lot about what is best for the athlete, when to take what, when to eat, when to shit, when to sleep, etc. The simple fact of the matter is a) there is no accounting for taste and b) who the hell wants to live like a monk for __ months on end? Assuming you're not a monk reading this then chances are you too have heard a lot about diet and the role it plays for cyclists in particular. It's truly astonishing how much we put into the role of diet and neglect the OTHER necessary factors that influence performance (oh hi, sleep). I'm willing to bet the folks @google can probably say - with a strong degree of accuracy - that 'chris froome diet' has been searched on more than the Hawaii Ballistic Missile threat.

Naturally, I have too and chances are: so have you.

That's ok! This is a judgement free blog ;-)

In all fairness there is one diet fad I am trying and that is the notion of burning fat instead of carbs when it comes to cycling and to that end, there is this notion that if you just eat a ton of bacon and eggs and avocados you'll get mega lean and mega fast. HELL to the NO. Not for me. And plus, I love pizza (and pho....and spaghetti...and deli sandwiches...and banh mi....and risotto....and rice....and the list goes and on and on). However, I can eschew from it every once in a while and so it goes this notion of sleeping low which essentially means: for dinner, eat zero carbs and in the morning, after having not had food for +8 hours, do some moderate exercise in a fasted state. In my case, that means banging out 3,000 yards in a heated pool.

going to give this a whirl and see what happens. I will do the whole weigh in thing and you guys can see my fabio-esque abs and we can do the weight watchers thing but at least you can see my progress and where I'm coming from.

k...time to dream about pho...and spaghetti...and deli sandwiches...and banh mi...

- AT

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