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Hey folks -

Holy s*it itʼs been a while. Entirely my fault and inexcusable. I promise to be far more regular in these blog posts going forward - scouts honor :-)

I have received a slew of emails from you guys and Iʼm so glad that my website, resources, and content are both informational and motivational. Thatʼs the point of it all is to educate you - remember, YOU are the best advocate for YOU. NO ONE IS GOING TO HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS LIKE YOU. The last point is to motivate you guys in your own battle with PN - or maybe not even pudendal neuralgia… maybe youʼre battling back form injury and youʼre in those ‘dark hoursʼ. Trust me. I been there. I respect it, I get it.

I want to take this blog post to follow up on some questions that you all have asked of me first and foremost - then we can get back into videos etc.

"Have you been riding still? "

Yes. Hell Yes. I think the bigger question you want to know is do I still have pain and what can I do / not do. First off, I can no longer time trial but not because I canʼt but rather by choice. TT-ing is fun shit and I would still do it but I choose not to for safety reasons - mainly, I donʼt live in the country side and so being ‘farʼ from the brakes is not the best for a father of 2. However, I do ride road bikes and do so quite regularly. My rides are usually inhumanely early (before work) or after the kids go down in the evening. On weekends I can go for longer rides (X > 4 hours) but I usually break my ride in 2 and include stretch breaks.

This is critical to those on the comeback. You need to realize itʼs going to take a while for you to feel ‘normalʼ again (a while = years). BUT, you will have less discomfort if you can take breaks and practice some of the stretches that I have in my resources section. I practice these each and every day and thatʼs huge for continued cycling.

"I still do have pain."

I want to get that clear. I still have some lingering pain but I find that it only exists when I am descending. So climbing, doing flats, etc, I feel fine but on the descents my body is more forward which leads to increased pressure on the nerve. As you all know, I swear by my bike saddle - infinity bike seat - and this has been a god send. These guys donʼt pay me for these ads. I have literally tried dozens upon dozens of saddles (name one and Iʼve probably tried it) and this one works because there is no pressure at all on the sit bones. YES I get comments all the god damn time about how goofy / silly / sadistic it looks but at the end of the day I am on my bike and thatʼs all that counts right?

​What else have I learned on this journey?

One thing that has been interesting is the battle between what works FOR YOU and what works for your FITTER. Clearly, if you ride bikes and are on this site then I have to assume you have seen a bike fitter. If not, stop and go get seen. These guys - if you can find a good one - are outstanding. Pedro ( this guy) is my dude and has been for many years. Ultimately, he wants to put you in the best position that is comfortable BUT ALSO that YOU THINK is good for you. As an example, when my saddle was low, I had pain in my groin area and so by raising it MUCH HIGHER I was able to ride with less pain but there is a limit. You canʼt raise it too high or else you will get pain elsewhere (knee, lower back, etc).


Canʼt state this one enough. FEET FEET FEET are a big part of the puzzle. I donʼt care what shoes / cleat system you use. Your feet need to be well balanced and you need to feel comfortable in the shoes. One big piece that has helped a lot are shoe wedges and cleat wedges (yes, I have BOTH in each shoe). There are some outstanding products that the folks at have that I highly suggest you find someone to help you out with. Seriously. If you do one thing today go to that site, find someone who knows these products in your area and see that person. FEET are a huge part of the puzzle and the good news is these guys have products that will help. Case in point, I have an anatomical leg length discrepancy - NOT a functional one - but a legit length issue. My right leg is shorter than my left by 1 cm. These guys have fit a specific cleat wedge on my right shoe so that the pedal stroke is more even and Iʼm not ‘dippingʼ with my right leg. This was part of why I got PN in the first place I believe is because my leg length was not taken into consideration.

OK. We are going to get into a lot of detail on this stuff in the coming weeks but let me stop there for now.



You got this.


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