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California Wildfires, Covid-19, Cycling (outdoors), and my thoughts / hopes for this site :-)

Hey folks 👋-

It’s been quite a while and a whole helluva lot has happened in the world and - frankly - is still going on in the world today. Here in the US we are the epicenter of Covid-19, our economy is in the dumps, we have never been more divided as a nation and to boot, all of the Western US is on fire.

Here in California things are especially dark - no pun intended. The air quality is so poor that going outside isn’t a remote possibility; it’s bad enough with Covid and now we are doubly screwed with all the fires and smoke inhalation.

And while I can go on and on in endless negativity (trust me, I have spent some hours doing this) I realized it serves no purpose and - if nothing else - takes energy away from me which I could be putting towards better uses such as being a better husband / father / employee / cyclist.

To that end, I have decided to do a slight rebrand of what I want to represent on this site and the mission that I want to stand for. Think of this as my manifesto (new page coming soon!).

From now on I want to showcase - via this site - my journey to reaching my maximum potential on the bike:

  1. A father of 2 kids under 5

  2. A dedicated husband (blessed to have a beautiful and caring wife!)

  3. A committed employee working a full time job

  4. A loving son and younger brother.

  5. A recovering - STILL - patient from Pudendal Neuralgia

  6. .....and then a cyclist.

You might think: “how the hell is all that possible when you got 5 competing things in front of that?” Indeed, you’re not wrong in the difficulty of this task but sure enough it is possible. It is possible. It is possible to be all those things and still try and be a high performing athlete. If nothing else, we can keep some level of integrity with ourselves by simply acknowledging the possibility in the first place.

So often we marvel at the heroism of pro athletes in their respective sports - and while that’s cool, it’s not very realistic for working parents with day jobs :-) BUT - BUT - that’s not to say that we “average Joes” can’t also aspire to a level of heroism! What I’m saying is someone riding their first century should feel just as strong about their accomplishment as a pro winning the Tour de France. To me, ordinary people doing extraordinary things is heroism and I want to represent that. I want to represent that I am imperfect in my diet sometimes, break training protocols and often “go for it” but all in all, I want to know what I’m made of and if that does nothing more than inspire someone to ______________ (insert activity here) then this blog has served its purpose 100%.

I am humbled that you would join me in this adventure! To all the hard working parents / students / folks down on their luck / aspiring racers / long time racers / curious minds - I salute you and your efforts as that is what inspires me.

Let’s get it.


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